The ever-expanding list of the groups and organizations that I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. 

Some projects were my brain-children, some I came to because of my academic interests, and some of them I'm honestly not sure how I got involved with. But each of them have a part of me invested in them, and I'm always willing and eager to share my enthusiasm.

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Truth in Mapmaking

In order to continue developing my programming abilities, I have begun a project which fascinates me, but I currently have nowhere near enough skills to complete...   (All my professional programming is currently focused on data processing, rather than user interfaces and image processing which will be front and center here... Should be fun! )

The goal is to develop a tool (first a personal tool then a web-tool and possibly a mobile app) to show a user what states, countries, or continents are surrounding them in any direction. 

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling Nuclear Fuel

Senior year capstone design team in the Northeastern University department of Chemical Engineering. Seeking to use molten salt pyroprocessing in tandem with a thermal breeder reactor to close the nuclear fuel cycle and confront the issue of spent nuclear fuel storage. I am the Chief Technical Officer of the group.

I'm proud to say that ReNuclear presented our project at the National meeting of the AIChE back in November 2016, and one of my best friends Tom has gone on to do his PhD Research on the topic. I'll continue to love and follow all news on nuclear recycling, and maybe some day I'll take a real swing at it.



Philanthropic startup from Northeastern Unviersity PhD students to address the lack of reasonably priced and durable b-CPAP units in Ghana, India, and other developing nations. For a while I was the project manager of the CPAP project, developing the heating and humidification system.
They're still doing awesome work, and I encourage anyone to look into them and give them any advice they can use as they are really starting the first real growth phase.

Representing NU AIChE with creative and COMPETITIVE Engineering designs

Official undergraduate student competition for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). I joined the team in 2011, the last year in which we won the northeast regional competition. The competition goal is to power and control a small car using chemical controls and processes, and the Northeastern University team prides itself in consistently having the most creative chemical reactions and car designs of any school.
A few years before I joined(2007) , we won the national conference with a boring (Battery power, Iodine clock) car, and while it's impressive to win, the team was highly impressed by another who did very well with a more creative and out-there car design. Without hesitation, my predecessors grabbed a spare wheel and spray painted it gold, and began the official "Golden Tire" award for the most creative car design.

That's the engineering spirit that I always aim to carry forward.