Electro-Chemical Engineering Toolkit 

Over time I've grown tired of having to constantly look up references and equations, especially when reading about Battery Electrodes... I've ended up developing a suite of tools (Originally in Excel, but nowadays also with Python and/or MATLAB for speed) to help me out, and to the extent that I've done these on my own private time I see no reason not to have them available for everybody. This is a long-ongoing project, and (If you're reading this I haven't updated it yet) so far I've not gotten the hang of publishing python kernels to the web... If you know how I'd love to chat!...

I have several goals for this page: The first being a collection of Reference Electrode voltages and a converter to help visualize reference electrode calculations. Ideally, I'll do enough research to also have a curve-generator script to predict the voltage of various electrodes that you might measure against (Say, a zinc-strip in a 2.5M solution of ZnCl). 

I'm also working on a python-based GUI tool to generate and model battery electrodes from a mix of First-Principles and empirical knowledge. (More of that on MY GITHUB PAGE). If I get that to a point that I'm proud of, I'll try and figure out how to host it here!


References (And Suggested Reading)

  1. Carbon: Electrochemcial and Physicocemical Properties (1988)
    Kim Kinoshita. Wiley Interscience
    • Useful reference for history of carbon + graphite electrode design and industry
  2. Mathematical Modeling of Lithium Ion Batteries (2018)
    Hariharan, Tagade, and Ramachandran. Springer Nature
    • Confirmation and strategy for applying Butler-Volmer equation for kinetics(Resistance Modeling)
    • Also discusses Nernst fundamentals, but generally abandons it in favor of Empirical OCV?
  3. Lithium-Ion Batteries: Basics and Applications (2018)
    Korthauer (Ed.), Springer Nature