Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Energy

As a Chemical Engineer and Physicist from Northeastern University, I am looking towards an exciting and rewarding career in the field of environmentally-focused electricity production and energy storage. I have spent the last two years at Aquion Energy in Pittsburgh PA, working on low cost aqueous battery technology. I joined Aquion as a battery test engineer, and have worked extensively with R&D and pilot operations. In our current restructuring efforts, I have assumed the position of lead Process Engineer as well as the primary technical contact for our Chinese production project. 

In my three co-op experiences through Northeastern, I found a love for both electrochemistry and process engineering which continues to motivate me to work towards developing grid-scale battery technology.

Such a revolution in battery technology is vital for the success of intermediate renewable energy sources and the green economy, and I am proud to be working at the cutting edge of the next generation of large-capacity batteries.